The real taste of Chengdu — “a very good way to discover Sichuan and its people” said by our guest

What is your impression about the Sichuan food?  We have to say is not just hot.  Well-selected vendor food / family restaurant / local snacks are the key words in our foodie tour.


Sichuan food not only the Kungpao chicken an mapo Tofu.  We want to show you more local things: such as sweet sauce hand made noodle only in Chengdu, Guokui like a Chinese Pizza, feast of wonton, Chengdu local pan cake etc..


All those famous local snacks are hidden in the corner of the street, we use Tuk tuk to show you them one by one. And all the hosts are very friendly people, they are very kind and happy to share the stories about their families and the old houses or the city changing .


Alice from the tour last night, she said’ a very good way to discover Sichuan and its people”       —  more than just a tour