Chengdu Dujiangyan Leshan Buddha Tea Plantation and Sichuan Cooking 3 Days


. Knowledgable and passionate local guide
. Cute panda
. Full story of panda and local
. Dujinagyan irrigation system
. full story of the ancient city
. nature world touching
. Rice jelly with spicy topping
. Chinese bacon grilled garlic shoot
. Culture Heritage by UNESCO
. Off-road visit to countryside and 500 years old town
. Visit to traditional workshops
. Comprehensive Tea Learning – drinking in old tea house, picking tea from plantation, visit tea workshop
. Visit old courtyard house and listen to stories from the owner
. Explore a local wet market
. Informative Sichuan Cooking Class: Sichuan Noodles Class Steamed beef with fired rice flour dish     Spicy lotus roots
. Free beers or tea dring during the cooking
. Special souvenirs and Recipes


Day 1: Panda & Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Day Tour
Our guide will greet you at your hotel lobby and a 1.5 hours drive to Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – be sure to fully charge you devices, they are what we call film/battery killer! It’s a beautiful park where we will the giant pandas, red pandas and if we are lucky we could even see the baby pandas in the Panda Nursery. We come here earlier in the morning so as to see them in their breakfast time and play time!
After spend morning time at Panda Centre, we will drive for 0.5 hours to one of the World Heritage sites – Dujiangyan irrigation project. we will start the tour from the irrigation park, It’s a beautiful park where we will see the old bridges temples locals and if we are lucky we could even see the snow mountain by distance. We come here earlier so as enjoy the peaceful time from nature!
Day 2: Giant Buddha&Tea Terrace In Lost Town Day Tour
After greeting at your hotel a 2.5 hours drive takes us to Giant Buddha. We would take the boat trip to have a unforgettable panoramic view of Buddha.
there will be 40 mins drive to a laid-back old town. Take a walk around the town where traditional lifestyles still survived from the modernization. Along the way we visit traditional workshops such as blacksmith’s shop, bamboo workshop, barber shop etc. Enjoy tea and chat and share stories with lovely local people in old teahouse and later drop in one of the hundred-year-old courtyard house where it’s owner are so proud of and love to share stories of the house. also we will have our lunch here, the leshan local food is kind of famous Sichuan cuisine.
A short drive takes us up to the mountain. The tea farmer will take us to the tea field, where we will learn a lot about tea from how to pick-up the best tea sprouts or tea buds, to weather conditions and different regions for Tea. Have a try of picking tea from the tea trees! Afterward visiting the tea business family to reveal the process of making all kinds of tea, let’s sit down in front of the farm house and enjoy tea – more stories sharing and learning of tea, as in of wine there are Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir in tea as well! Remember to bring the tea you picked from the farm. And we should use them in the next cooking class day.
• Lunch: local snack lunch
Day 3: Cooking Class with Local Spice Market Visit
Meet up your guide at the hotel lobby, and then your guide will take you to explore the dazzling local spice market with the assigned challenge for you to obtain some special ingredients and spices which will be used in the cooking class afterwards. After the fun experience in the local spice market, you will take a walk through the back streets to get some real local food for Lunch.
After the Lunch, we will head into a hidden gem – a traditional Sichuan courtyard restaurant where soon the ingredients and spices you collected from the market will be put in use.  Another break will be taken place in the courtyard with Sichuan Gaiwan tea as the traditional custom to entertain guests. After learning Sichuan tea culture, the food preparations will be guided by the professional chef.
Follow your chef ‘s instructions step by step to process food till it gets well done.  This cooking class will show you how to make Sichuan Style Noodles , Steam Beef with Fired-rice Flour and Spicy Louts Roots, you will even learn to cook your own SPICY CHILLI OIL.
Meals included:
• Lunch: local snack food
• Dinner: the great food you make from cooking class


Air-conditioned vehicle
Panda Center
Dujiangyan irrigation system Experienced
English-speaking tour guid
Boat for Giant Buddha Old town walking tour Family & Old house visit Tea plantation visit
beers or beverages in cooking class
Souvenir in cooking class
Lunch (2)  Diner(1)