East Tibetan 7 days

High Light

* Plateau Valley Forest
* Mt.Baro (Ba Lang)
* Mt.4 girls(Si Gu Niang)
* Hui Yuan temple / Ya Qing temple
* Cuo Pu valle
* Mt. God genie
* Xin Du Qiao photo paradise

What’s Included
* Transfer throughout the day
* 6 nights Local guest house/hotel
* Travel insurance
* Site tax fee (not entrance fee)
* Experienced tour leader/cameraman

What to Prepare
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Devices to record your adventure
* Light day pack with your necessities
* Coat for cold weather day
* Curiosity & smiles


Go west means the west part of Sichuan which is also called Eastern Tibet. Here is so pretty for national park snow Mt. Tibetan villages hot springs and sight view.

Such as Jiuzhaigou valley/Huanglong/ Wolong panda research center/Mt.four girls/ Miyaluo national park etc. Those are the best place to go and outdoor hiking.
This huge area is located southwest of China, upper of Yangtze, full with Tibet Qiang and Yi nations culture. As a part of Tibet highland, the sea level is about 4000 m- 4500 m. The highest peak Gongga is 7556m, he’s not only the highest in Sichuan but also famous in the world. Aba and Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous region which is a plateau monsoon climate, complex and diverse, significant geographical differences. From north to south across six latitudes,with increasing latitude from south to north, the temperature gradually decreased, the six latitude distance range, the average annual temperature
is above 17 degrees. In the alpine gorge area, at the foot of the mountain and the difference between the climate also varies with the height, the difference of 20 DEG -30 DEG. Between the county seat with an average annual temperature of 15.4 DEG -1.6 DEG.

Come with U2Panda, we show you a fantasy west Sichuan and east Tibet.


Day1: Chengdu – bariro mountain-Four Girls Mountain 

Morning departure, through Wolong town over 4500 m ba Lang Shan arrived in Four Girls Mountain, on the
way to see the clouds sea if we lucky. Go to Changping valley l in the afternoon and stay in the four girl mountain town hotel in the evening

Day2: Four Girls Mountain – Danba County – Huiyuan Temple
Enjoy the Four Girls Mountain in the morning, arrive in Danba County for lunch, the afternoon Huiyuan temple, here is the birthplace of the 11th Dalai lama, the temple also has 700 years of history

Day3: Huiyuan temple i – Daofu County, – Luhuo County Temple – Yaqing

Starting from the morning, go through the Huiyuan temple, Daofu County
Luhuo County then reach the Yaqing temple. (Tibetan Buddhist monks and
nuns, who called female nun), which is a very influential Tibetan temple. The
small box room, from thousands to more than 20000 nuns, is a monk built
by themselves. The government built fire protection facilities.Chang Qu
River formed a small island, the island is the world’s largest Buddhist region,
the island is Zaba (male monks). Yaqing temple from Baiyu County 122
kilometers, 102 kilometers away from Ganzi county. It is same well-known as
Seda monastery.

Day4: Yaqing -Cuopu valley Temple (Temple Inn accommodation)
Getting up early to see the sunrise, we set out for the Cuopu valley. This undeveloped primitive field and hot springs all over the place are located in the deepest part, with crystal clear heart shaped lake. There is the No. 1 Holy lake in Kangba area.

Day5: cuopu valley – Mt.Genie- Litang
Starting from noon to cuopu valley, into the center of Ge Nie cold temple, close to appreciate this mountain. Tibetan named Xia Mariba, is 13th Tibetan Buddhist goddess peak of 24 mountains, one of the 8 King Kong shrine is chakrasamvara. in Tibet,this
god only stay with the Himalaya Range and Ge Nie holy mountain.


Day6: Litang – Xinduqiao -Huaquan Beach- Zimei Pass – Shangmuju
Calcification pool at Huaquan beach,to appreciate the Gong ga mountain at Zimei pass.Xinduqiao is enchanting”photography paradise”, located in the State Road 318 South Road, north line intersection, is a picturesque land of idyllic beauty. The magical light,
boundless grassland, meandering stream, golden Bo Yang, rolling hills, Tibetan villages scattered in the meantime, cattle and sheep are grazing peacefully. The beautiful scenery of western Sichuan plain is blooming, Xinduqiao, fascinating world of
light and shadow “,” photographer’s paradise “.

Day7: Xinduqiao – Kangding – Chengdu