Tibet. Lhasa – Mt Everest 7 Days

High Light

* Potala palace
* Jokhang templ
* Barkhor Street market
* Yamdrok Lake and the Karula Glacier
* Mt.Everest base camp
* Shigatse zone
* Off-road visit to countryside and old town
* Visit to traditional Tibetan villages
* National park
* Photo paradise
* Tibetan monastery

Day 1 Arrival Lhasa
Enjoying the scenery of the snow mountain of Qinghai & Tibet Plateau on the airplane, arriving at the Lhasa airport, taking a bus to the downtown of Lhasa.

Day 2 City tour – The Potala Palace & Barkhor Street
Visiting the the world cultural heritage of the Jokhang temple built in the year seventh Century ,you will be going to see the the twelve year old “Shakya Muni” mummy from  Tang Dynasty which contributed by the Wencheng the Tibetan Princesse,and taking a
panoramic photo of Potala Palace in the summit of Jokhang Temple with a unforgettable memories. Take a walking tour of the famous Tibet local fair – Barkhor Street

Day3 The Way to Mount Everest
Great Yamdrok Lake and the Karula Glacier visting. Pass by the the Jiangzi take a far view of Castle Zhongshanm then arrival the Shigatse. We will overlooking the majestic Mt. Everest after throw over the 5220 meters Jiacuola snow mountain before arrival


Day4 The Way to Everest Base Camp
A very early trip to Mount Everest No.1 camp. Watch the sunset at the base of the Mount Everest in the evening. Day5 The Way back to Lhasa-BC to Shigatse Visit the Rongbuk Monastery after Watch the sun-rising in the early
morning Rongbuk is Tibet Ningma temple, is a rich local characteristics of the mixed
monastic temple.

Day 6 The way back to Lhasa – Shigatse to Lhasa
We will back to Lhasa along the Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon. We have some free times after arriving in Lhasa, do suggest take the night view of the Potala Palace.

Day 7 Lhasa to Airpot