Minya Konka Classical Trekking 7 Days

Minya Konka is located on the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which means “white ice mountain”. The mountain is about 60 kilometers long from north to south, about 30 kilometers wide from east to west, and the main peak is 7556 m. The highest mountain in Sichuan Province is called “the King of Sichuan Mountains.” It is also one of the most sacred mountains to Tibetan Buddhists in Sichuan, it also plays an important role in mountaineering and scientific research. It is a famous mountain for mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts. Minya Konka was recognized as one of the ten most beautiful snow mountains in China .



1 Minya-Konka Experience – Explores in Minya Konka region to interact with the natural view and Tibetan Buddhism in the east Qinghai-Tibet plateau

2 Value for Money – The trekking route covers Konka Temple, Riwuqie Pass and Zimei Pass etc well-known landmark places, eventually you can enjoy hot spring hotel at the end of the trekking

3 Logistics Service – Only carries small bag during trekking and meals are well offered


DAY1 Chengdu-Kangding-Laoyulin-Hydro Power Station-Gexi Grassland 310km

Today we will start from Chengdu, drive on Chengdu–Ya’an Expressway then turn to G318 highway, we will enjoy beautiful natural sceneries and meet Qingyi River, Dadu River. After Kangding city , we will continue to Laoyuling and Hydro Power Station by driving. We will start our trekking trip from Hydro Power Station, firstly 3km to Gexi Grassland.

Food: Lunch and Dinner

Accommodation: Gexi Grassland Camping

Time: 8 hours by driving, 1 hour trekking for 3km

Altitude: Gexi Grassland 3400m


DAY 2 Gexi Grassland-8km-Liangcha River Valley-5km- Lower Riwuqie-4km-Upper Riwuqie

After breakfast, we will start to walk up the mountain. Along the way, we can enjoy the spectacular Tianhaizi Snow Mountain ( 6,070m), Small Gongga Mountain (alt: 6,027m), also see the Red Stone River Beach. We will arrive in Upper Riwuqie campsite before the evening.

Food: Breakfast and Dinner, Lunch is self-prepared

Accommodation: Upper Riwuqie Camping

Time: 8 hours trekking for 17km

Altitude: Upper Riwuqie Camp 4350m


DAY 3 Upper Riwuqie-6km-Riwuqie Pass-12km-Moxi Valley-9km-Winter Pasture

After breakfast, we will leave Upper Riwuqie campsite to walk up to Riwuqie Pass 4900m for about 3 hours. Along the way, you can enjoy snow mountain and high lake views. After crossing the pass, the trail will be comfortable for trekking until reaching the campsite in the Tibetan winter pasture.

Food: Breakfast and Dinner, Lunch is self-prepared

Accommodation: Winter Pasture Camping

Time: 8 hours trekking for 27km

Altitude: Winter Pasture Camp 3800m


DAY 4 Winter Pasture-18km-Konka Temple

 We will trek along Moxi Valley to Konka Temple (alt: 3,750m), this trail is basically decline in altitude. Konka Temple is located under the main peak of Mount Gongga. It is one of the three holy sites of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also the best place to appreciate the stunning view of the main peak of Mount Konka.

Food: Breakfast and Dinner, Lunch is self-prepared

Accommodation: Konka Temple Dorm. Bed or Camping

Time: 9 hours trekking for 18km

Altitude: Konka Temple 3750m


DAY 5 Konka Temple-7km-Lower Zimei Village -11KM(by car)-Zimei Pass-11KM(by car)-Lower Zimei Village

 Today is a short trekking day! We leave Konka Temple, relatively gentle downhill to Lower Zimei Village. Afterwards we will take local car to Zimei Pass. Here, you can enjoy a great view of Mount Konka, then return to Lower Zimei Village by car.

Food: Breakfast and Dinner, Lunch is self-prepared

Accommodation: Lower Zimei Village Dorm. Bed or Camping

Time: 2 hours trekking for 7km

Altitude: Zimei Pass 4550m Lower Zimei Village 3200m

DAY 6 Lower Zimei Village-9km-Bawang Lake-7km- Boundary Tablet-30km(by car)-Caoke Hot Spring Hotel

 After breakfast, we will walk in the valley and watch the beautiful mountains and rivers. We will also walk along lakeside of Bawang Lake and go through the forest. Our bus will pick up at Boundary Tablet then send to the Caoke, you can enjoy natural hot spring in the Caoke Hot Spring Hotel.

Food: Breakfast and Dinner, Lunch is self-prepared

Accommodation: Caoke Hot Spring Hotel, twin-bed room

Time: 6 hours trekking for 16km

Altitude: Bawang Lake 3200m Caoke 1500m


DAY 7 Caoke-Shimian-266kmChengdu

 We return to Chengdu from Caoke,Shimian and Yaan Town , arrive in Chengdu normally 15:00pm.

Food: including Breakfast and Lunch, Dinner is self-managed

Time: 5 hours driving

Altitude: Chengdu 500m



The 4900m Riwuqie Pass will have to be closed if the heavy snow weather, in this case we have to trek via Panpan Shan Pass and DAY2-DAY 5 will be adjusted as below, the price will NOT be changed.

DAY 2  Gexi Grassland – Liangcha River Valley- Panpan Shan Camp

DAY 3  Panpan Shan Camp – Mountain Pass- Yulong West Village

DAY 4  Yulong West Village – Quanhua – Zimei Pass-Zimei Village

DAY 5  Zimei Village – Konka Temple – Zimei Village




If the trekking takes place in the period of China national holiday, then extra charge 300-500CNY/Pax will be applied.


1 Transportation:  all transportations mentioned in the itinerary

2 Accommodation:  all accommodations listed in the itinerary

3 Catering:

The 8 Lunch&Dinner and 6 Breakfast as specified in the itinerary.

The 5 trek simple lunches are only for comfort group. (D2-D6)

The standard group needs prepare by yourself and can use horse to carry the extra food.


4 Tickets: Konka Temple Ticket and Bawang Lake Ticket

5 Horsing: public and personal equipment carrying during the trek


6 Camping:

trekking tent (200cm*100cm*100cm size tent for 2 persons) standard group

high mountain tent (220cm*190cm*120cm size tent for 2 persons) comfort group

7 Equipment: dining tents, cooking tents, toilet tents, sleeping pad, tables, chairs, fuel, stoves, cookware, tableware, warm water bottles, solar charging panel, first aid kits, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, emergency oxygen and other consumables

8 Staff: 1 English-speaking group leader, other staffs are assigned based on package

9 Service charge



1 transportation to Chengdu

2 Chinese Visa

3 High-altitude trekking insurance

4 Personal equipment and horse riding

5 Room fare difference by requesting a single room and a single tent

6 Personal Expenses



Backpack: Backpack 40-60L, small bag 30L

Sleeping bags and clothing: Sleeping bag (comfort rating -5 degrees), Waterproof jacket,  Fleece jacket and trouser, Down jacket, Fleece cap, Waterproof gloves , 2+ pairs of socks

Shoes and other accessories: Sunglasses, Stick, Thermal mug(0.5-1L), Hiking shoes , Gaiters, Sunscreen (SPF35 and above), Headtorch (with spare battery), Raincoat, waterproof bag for protection sleeping bag.


Canteen tents (400*400*190), tables, chairs, cookware, food, fuel, walkie-talkies, satellite phones, emergency oxygen and medicine. Camping tent (220cm*190cm*120cm) and mattress for members.


Each member should have prior hiking and camping experience, the high altitude experience would be a plus.


The deposit payment 50% / pp should be paid 30 days before the tour start.

The remaining payment should be done before the departure of Chengdu.

All payments will NOT be refundable after trip starts due to personal reasons.

Cut off time: 30 days


The cancellation fee will take into effect once you submit your reservation.

100% free cancellation 20 days prior to the tour

50% refund for cancellations 6-19 days prior to the tour

0% refund for cancellations within 5 days before the tour start