1 night temple stay experience at Mt Emei

Have a great experience in temple 1 night. You will lead by master talk about Zen or meditation, vegetarian dinner at temple. Good chance to join the moring Chanting if you are early birds, and also there will be a Kungfu class in the morning.



A special experience overnight in monastery

Learn more about Buddhism from guided tours with senior monks who lives in the monastery

Kungfu classes with famous masters



6:00 pm – Meet your guide in front of Baoguo Monastery(峨眉山报国寺), you will start your journey in the next 12 hours. The monastery close to public by 5 p.m., which means you will have an exclusive quite & peace experience without crowded people. Have vegetarian dinner inside monastery

7:10 pm- Your local guide will introduce one of senior monk to share his Buddhism knowledge with you. After temple deep visiting, you will have free time in the temple or outside till next morning.

8:00 pm to 6:30a.m. – Accommodation inside monastery is simple and clean, please enjoy the unique experience.


6:30 am – In the early morning, monks will start to chanting around 6:00 – 7:00 a.m. We highly recommend you to get up bit early to join them and take some good pictures.

7:00 am- Kungfu class with our famous Kungfu master outside the temple.

The trip will finish after kungfu class, you are free to leave after that. If you are interested to continue your trip, we can also arrange different tours for you. 




Temple dinner is a meal given to monks and nuns, usually without meat. It is meant to be neat and clean. Taoism and Buddhism are one of the rites of prayer for hungry sacrifices. Taoists in Taoism should clean themselves physically and mentally before conducting repentance and thank-you activities. To show deference to God by being organized and ed. 

The reason for the auspicious celebration of eating food is that it keeps the people in good health and continues to fast with a lot of energy. No matter how much they eat, Even a sip of water is considered a meal. From midnight to before dawn, it is best time to have temple dinner. 

Zen sect is one of the Chinese Buddhist sects. It advocates that the epiphany method should be “seeing and becoming Buddha” from the ancestors of Damo, referring to the people’s mind, regardless of the practice, but also because of the research method, the source of the nature of the mind is the main idea. Also known as the Buddha’s heart. Legend of the founder of the Bodhi Damo, down to Huike, monk, Taoist faith, to the fifth ancestor Hongyan divided into South Huineng, North Zong Shenxiu. It was called “Nan Neng Bei Xiu”. Bei Zong Shenxiu was based on “the method of meditation,” and gradually practiced Bodhi. Therefore, he called it “gradual realization.” Master Huineng of Nanzong was called “that is, the mind is the Buddha!” “” directly to the hearts of the people, see the nature of the Buddha! “in order to comply with. Not rigidly” sit Zen “or” view “or not.” Buddha! So call it “epiphany”. 

The morning class is the temple where monks gather in the morning (between 5:00 am and 7:00 am) to recite the Shurangama mantra, the Great Mercy Curse, the Ten Little Curses, and the Heart Sutra. At the beginning and the end of the recitation are all equipped with Brahma and praise verse. Among them, the Shurangama mantra is a lesson, the Great Mercy mantra, the Ten Little Curses, and so on. Some monasteries take turns in reading these two lessons. Only at Buddhist festivals do two lessons.It’s a great chance to have a look at them in the morning, we also could take picture or video without flash.

Emei Wushu is one of the traditional Chinese kungfu boxing. Emei is the birthplace of Emei kungfu. It includes the “five Flowers”, which are the Qingcheng Mountain of Dujiangyan, Chengdu, Sichuan Province (Qingcheng School), and the Tiefosi region of the Yunding Mountain of Jintang (Iron Buddha School). Qingniu Mountain (Qingniu Mountain) in Fengdu area, Sichuan Province (Qingniu School), Sichuan Fuling Point change Cave area (Dingyi School, Sichuan Rongchang and Longchang area) (Huanglin School): “floating slaughterhouse is good with many magic skills.” Emei boxing is unique all over the world. “

In 2008, Emei Wushu was selected into the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

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What’s included?

1 night in the Baoguo Temple

Master tour in the temple

Dinner in the temple

Kungfu Class

Chanting in the morning visiting


drink in the meal

breakfast in the temple

Please note

we shall pick you outside Baoguo Temple at 17:00. (峨眉山报国寺). This is the tour about your overnight experience, not the Mountain trip, you can visit the Mountain by yourself or book from us as well.

What do I need to bring?



Towel (we offer the old clean towel)





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