Cooking and city tour in Panda’s hometown 2 days


Brings you to the adorable pandas, and more! Pandas are more then good-looking and cute, they are special! Join us to find out a full story of how do they live, why are they here and even funny things about these precious neighbour and treasure of human being!
Chengdu is so-called the “Heavenly Land of Rich”. Food is absolutely one of the greatest things to be explored. The “hidden” but “well known” (by locals) places in the alleys & neighborhood are the best Chengdu has to offer.


Day 1: food and ingredients market visiting and cooking class
We will pick you up at your hotel and then head to the Sichuan Cuisine Museum. In this Special museum, we will get chance to learn the food cuture and history of Sichuan Food , to try some local snacks and most important point is we can check the Douban Jiang Making process which is the soul of Sichuan Cuisine.
when we finish the museum visit , we will go back to the city and have lunch in the Most Famous Mapo Tofu restaurant-Chen Mapo to have lunch. After that you’ll be taken into an authentic local spice market to explore it and learn different species of Sichuan spices and ingredients that will be used in the Sichuan cuisine.
The tour will be guided to start the cooking process by a professional chef in a cozy kitchen. Take the knowledge about the Sichuan sauce from the market, and we gonna try some chilli sauce making by yourself at cooking school. The sauce will be used for the food we shall cook tonight. Finally, you can enjoy the dishes made by yourself along with some beers or beverages. For it’s really informative, interesting and fun, this class will be an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.
Meals included:
• Lunch: local food restaurant
• Dinner: the food you made from cooking school No accommodation included on this day.
Day 2: Chengdu Panda Center Morning Tour and foodie lunch by tuk-tuk
Our guide will greet you at your hotel lobby and a short drive to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – be sure to fully charge you devices, they are what we called film/battery killer!
We come here earlier in the morning so as to see them in their breakfast time and play time! It’s a beautiful park where we will the Giant Pandas, red pandas and if we are lucky we could even see the baby pandas in the Panda Nursery.
And after panda visiting, we will have our lunch on a tuk tuk riding tour. Great food is the very important thing in Chengdu, so let’s start to find some local insane good food like the real local Chengdu people. We will take tuk-tuk going through the streets, and we will go to the most famous and delicious food vendors.
For the local people, we are very clear that there are a lot of delicious food restaurants hidden inside some apartments where nobody can know form the Internet. Today will go to visit 4-5 different favorite places of local people. there are 10-12 different tasty snacks we will try. Sweet, chilly and other flavor. All of theplaces we are going to have a history of more 20 years even 100 years business or brand. We can not only experience the characteristic Sichuan food which one dish one flavor, one hundred dishes one hundred styles, but also learn connections among the food restaurants, the development of the local buildings and local people. this is not just a food tour but it’s a great way to explore this city, to deep explore the local life.
Meals included:
• Lunch: the snacks in the different area, we shall take you around to look for the real local food by tuk tuk.

What’s Included

Experienced English-speaking tour guide / chef
Cooking classes and all the ingredents
Local Tea and 1 free beer or beverages
Recipes and Souvenirs
Sichuan cuision museum
Entrance fee of Panda Center
Air-conditioned vehicle
Experienced local guide
12+ Types of local snacks/delicacies
Tuk-tuk experience in the food tour for lunch on day 2
Lunch (2)   dinner(1)