Have a cup of pre-Qing Ming tea!

The fever has kicked in – the irresistible desire for those fresh white and green teas that will be coming soon. Yes, pre-Qing Ming Tea Time is here, although they will probably not appear on the market until the April – May timeframe. And we are salivating at the very thought. Time to see what’s so special about these teas.

Qing Ming is the festival where the Chinese people honor their ancestors, visiting their graves (or tombs), sweeping away debris, and adding decorations. For tea, this is also an important time, marking the difference in tea qualities. The pre-Qing Ming teas are the anxiously awaited first buds after Winter. They are usually considered special since the plants put forth quite a burst as soon as they can when the temperatures are warm enough and the rays of the sun hit them at the right angle. Their flavors can dance on your palate more vibrantly yet lightly.