The Thousands Years Egg

Thousands of years egg is also called the preserved egg, change egg, grey package eggs, egg products is a kind of Chinese traditional style. Fresh smooth mouth taste, aroma has the unique feature. The main raw material of preserved eggs with lime, soda, salt, tea, plant ash.
The Songhua preserved egg is come from? Actually after a chemical reaction.
Protein is the main chemical composition of a protein. Eggs placed a long time, parts of the protein will break down into amino acids. The chemical structure of amino acids has an alkaline amino – NH2 and a carboxylic acid – COOH so it can interact with acid, as well as with alkaline substances. So people in Songhua designs, especially in the mud to join some alkaline substances, such as lime, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, etc. They will through the pores on the shell, and compound amino acid, amino acid salt. The insoluble in protein, amino acid salt and then at a certain geometry crystallization, beautiful Songhua was created.
In China, we have eaten this kind eggs over than 500 years of history. It takes 25-35 days to make.
Preserved egg flavors are sheen, acerbity, sweet, salty, and cold.
If add vinegar mixed with food, can clear heat diminish inflammation, restore energy, nourishing fitness; Used in the treatment of periodontal disease, ulcers, etc.20170218_161438-01

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