Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is the most important festival for Chinese family. all the people will go back home and have a such big dinner before the lunar New year. No one go to school or work, and no shop opens in the first 4-6 days of the lunar New year. Chinese people just go out travelling and have a lot of delicious food during the vacation. We shall back to busy after these weeks.


Red is lucky color for us as well. We use red in new year celebrations weddings and so on. We use red paper cut on the windows, write wishes on red papers before new year for house decoration. and also we play the red firecracker.



“Ya Sui Qian” the red envelope. Old generation will prepare some money in the red envelop for the young children when the New Year’s Eve dinner. That will be the most happy time for them.  Cause they can spend the money next day.

Chicken duck fish pork are necessary for this dinner. and many of the families will make dumplings by themselves, they will put the coin in one of those dumplings at some part of China for traditional culture.





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