“new &· fashionable ” inspiration for Chengdu

In the first New Tourism and Fashion Chengdu tourism product innovation design competition, U2panda has also actively participated in the competition to find “new &· fashionable ” inspiration for Chengdu — xinxinxiangrong

The trip include five parts

The first day “panda’s volunteer ” you can spend all day with giant panda ,feeding them,cleaning their house , making pancake and cuting bamboo for them.

The second day “dujiangyan trip”
Learning tai chi from local master and hiking qingcheng mountain


Day 3 “back to old chengdu”
Visit ancient town — a representative of the architectural culture of western Sichuan ,take a Tuk Tuk ride start our foodie tour

Day 4: “be a local person in chengdu ”
Visiting local market and making Sichuan dish ,playing mahjong and drinking tea.watching sichuan opera and you’ll have chance to go to background to see actors real life

Day 5 “back to nature”
Visit Longquan forest park and Luodai old town, back to nature ,hug nature.


These five days not only go to the chengdu representative scenic spots but also experience to be a local person , if you were interested in our tour , follow us. Well have more special tours for you , because more than just a tour.