Local Life In Chengdu

Sichuan cuisine is one of the four famous, Chengdu as the capital of Sichuan, of course, have a lot of nice food, Chengdu snacks are very outstanding. So why not have some snack dishes for lunch?


Is rice paper eatable? Professor Kou’s art studio can find out the answer. He has a lot of famous works in China, and teach the art class for young people, he would like to say “hello and welcome” to his class.


Go and enjoy his small lecture, and “try” the rice paper.


Songxianqiao antique market is amazing for a “Lao Chengdu”. We can bargaining and take pictures in the free time there.


Tea is another important culture for Chinese people. Green tea and jasmine tea are popular. We shall head to peoples park, and try a cup of tea and learning mahjong from local. You also can have a try shoulder massage and ear cleaning.



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