To be a “lao”Chengdu

“lao chengdu”(old experienced chengdu people)

in foreigner’s eyes, panda and food are local high light in chengdu

But in chengdu people’s eyes,  leisure and old culture are local high light.


If you want to be a real local, you should know how to drink tea and play mahjong in the tea house,learning taichi with well-known master, trying the brush pen on a rice paper,and bargaining in the antique market. Then we can call you “lao chengdu”.




New and tall buildings replaced almost the old city. Many of the old people move to the new places which located different corner of this city. How can they keep in touch today? The best way is the morning exercise in the parks. Old friends neighbors meet in the park every morning. They can singing running taichi and sporting etc. These are the first thing must do As a “lao chengdu”.


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